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To achieve a high-quality work or project, it is essential to have appropriate advice and assistance. In this sense, our team of experts provides comprehensive and personalized support from the beginning to the end of your work or project.

Material Selection

We aim to be your trusted partner, working closely with you at every stage of the process and providing essential guidance to help you achieve exceptional results. This way, we ensure that your work or project reaches its full potential, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety, and satisfying your own and your clients or end-users' expectations.

Certified and Refined

In our company, you will only find first-rate products that meet all quality standards and have the highest certifications, always with the planet in mind. We use sustainable materials and practice constant evolution alongside local businesses.

Construction Materials

Types of Wood

Common types of wood used in construction include pine, cedar, oak, ash, and mahogany. Each type of wood has its specific characteristics and benefits, so choosing the most appropriate one is essential for every particular project.

Installation process

Wood is essential in construction due to its versatility, aesthetic, and resistance. We work with the best installers and companies in the industry. We accompany you from start to finish.

Care and Maintenance

To properly care for wood, you must apply high-quality products that are suitable for each type of material. By following these tips, the wood will remain healthy and durable over the years.

Custom Cut Wood

Types of Cuts

Custom woodcuts are a personalized and suitable way of obtaining the necessary materials for any project. Different types of custom woodcuts can be made, such as 45-degree miter cuts and cross cuts for smaller sections. Contact us to buy custom wood.

Installation Process

Hire professionals to install or re-roof your roof. Experts know how to do it safely and efficiently and can help you choose the right materials. With professionals, you will get a guarantee, guaranteed work, and peace of mind to comply with necessary regulations.

Care and Maintenance

Tips for maintaining natural wood: apply protective layers to resist moisture and UV rays, clean regularly with a soft damp cloth, and avoid exposing to extreme heat sources that can cause damage.

Wooden Floors

Types of Wooden Floors

There are various types of wooden floors: solid, laminate and floating. Solid wood floors are durable and resistant to moisture but require maintenance, while laminate floors are cheaper but less resistant. Floating floors are easy to install but less durable and resistant than solid floors.

Installation Process

Research your options to find the best contractor possible. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind that your floor is in good hands and you’ll get a successful result. We can assist you in making a choice. Contact us to buy floating flooring.

Care and Maintenance

To protect wooden floors: use felt protectors on furniture, avoid high heels, clean up spills immediately, use special cleaning products, keep them polished and waterproofed, and varnish periodically.

Wood Treatments

Types of Treatments

There are different treatments for wood depending on their purpose. Some of them are chemical impregnation for protection against weather and insects, oils and varnishes for appearance and protection against moisture and UV rays. Also, there is carbonization for fire and moisture resistance, and smoking for visual improvement. Lastly, stabilization reduces swelling and contraction for better conservation.

How to apply

Our experts will advise you on how to treat any type of wood. Whether it’s flooring, roofs or any other material you want to place in your home. Both, exterior and interior. Please contact us to buy wood treatments.


If you want to keep the wood in your house looking as good as the first day, we will create a schedule so you know how often to treat or take care of your products.

Wooden beams

Types of Beams

Before buying wooden beams, you should know that there are various types of wooden beams, each with its own purpose and benefits. Laminated beams are made from layers of wood, creating a sturdy structure, while solid wooden beams are often used in traditional home and building construction as they are easy to work with and can be cut to size according to project needs.


The benefits of using wooden beams include their sustainability, as wood is a renewable resource, their earthquake resistance, and acoustic absorption capability. Additionally, they are more economical than other building materials and bring a natural and warm look to a space’s design.


However, it is important to make sure to use sustainably sourced wood and follow construction regulations to ensure its strength and durability.

Wooden formwork

Type of formwork

There are several types of wooden formwork for concrete construction. The most commonly used are panel formwork, prefabricated panel formwork, plywood formwork, and lost formwork. It is important to choose the appropriate formwork according to the complexity of the structure and the time required for assembly and disassembly.

Wooden formwork

Wooden formwork offers a series of advantages for the construction of concrete structures. Firstly, they are more economical than formwork made of other materials such as steel or plastic. Contact us to purchase wooden boards.

Advantages and Benefits

They are easy to cut and shape to fit any required form on site. Wood also provides a smooth and uniform finish on the surfaces of poured concrete, making the demolding process easier. Contact us to buy wooden planks.

Maximum Quality in Wood

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